A philanthropic advisor has grantmaking expertise and a depth of knowledge about the philanthropic arena.  Many have also been professionals in non-profit management.   Tuti's background and work with donor communities such as Women Moving Millions and Tides, eight years working with clients with her company Imagine Philanthropy, as well as 15 years as a leader in a national advocacy and education organization, gives her great perspective and knowledge for her clients.  

As we present ourselves and explore the world with our gifts of time, talent and treasure, it is helpful to have a resource to work with you to clarify the following;  

  • Intentions: Why do you give and how do you decide where to give your time, talent and treasure?
  • Priorities: What social issues do you care most about? Who is the audience you are you seeking to support?
  • Expectations: What do you hope to achieve with your gifts?
  • Voice and Stories: What story do you want to showcase about your giving now and as part ofyour legacy? How will you engage your family or peers on your giving narrative?  
  • Connection: How and where do you want to be involved with your gifts of time, talents, and treasure?  

With Tuti you will find someone who listens deeply, has the ability to collaborate and work with other colleagues who are part of your philanthropy, shares your values of giving with a passion and is sensitive to family dynamics.   Tuti loves to work with clients to establish strategic giving plans, create marketing materials, facilitate training sessions on giving, and work with next generation family members and transitions.  

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