"Tuti the Tiger" on Money

Now more than ever we are thinking of resources in a new paradigm. Broadening the idea of our resources beyond finances is good practice as is reframing our relationship with currency. Here are some principles and practices that have worked for me in my personal life and as a professional fundraiser; 

Practice daily gratitude, forgiveness and mindful manifestation. Every night there is an opportunity for reflection on one’s day and thinking through the many people and things we can be grateful for, what we want to forgive ourselves for, and what we want to manifest more of in our world. By disciplining ourselves to this daily ritual of stating at least two items in each category, we will find ourselves framing a prosperous future. 

Give freely and with appreciation with a knowing that it will come back to you multiplied. This is a guiding principle of many teachers where the energy of money and the cycle of giving and receiving is continuous and powerful. Giving freely, one receives in bounty from another source. Trusting in this principle is the foundation of tithing. Saying to one’s self whenever making a gift “With gratitude and knowing that it will come back to me multiplied, I release this debt/give/donate…” As well, when writing checks and paying one’s ‘bills’, think of these as ‘gifts of thanks’ for having running water, communication, roads, place to live, warmth, etc. The framing of giving around gratitude and acknowledgement for the ‘source’ of what you have received allows for a broader opening for prosperity in one’s life. 

Be open to prosperity and stating affirmations about how you want to be ‘held’ in the world. If one spends time with Catherine Ponder’s books – The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity or Shakti Gawain on Creative Visualiztion or any of Sananya Roman and many others –the opportunity to absorb powerful readings and affirmations will arise. “I am a child of the Universe – all of my needs are met and sustained.” “I am open to prosperity in all forms.” “It is easy for me to generate wealth in my life.” Their philosophy about being open to the miracles of the world and having divine support for whatever your personal journey may be works if you practice it. If you speak, write, and state your spiritual, emotional, physical goals in a way that is connected to your spiritual source in the world and is true to what you really feel, money will come forth. 

Have discipline around knowing what your budget looks and feels like. Understanding what you need to manifest each month for your standard of living is important. After establishing your goals and understanding your living needs, one has a financial goal to aim for. This will allow you to work to manifest whatever is currently ‘short’ in your monthly financial life (pay off debts, save more, buy an important piece of equipment for your work, etc.). 

Celebrate and share your prosperity with people in your life. By validating and speaking aloud to others in your life what you want to attain and why helps you frame your vision with all your spirit and emotion behind it. “I am a prosperous artist with a dedicated and appreciative fan base that financially supports my music.” “I am a voice and an instrument for philanthropy and financial empowerment for women.” By positioning one’s work in a way that puts out into the universe what you wish to create and sharing this aloud and in writing with others, this will help to manifest your new reality. By speaking with power out loud with gratitude for the wealth (in all forms) when you receive, it will connect you to more resources

Speak with affirmation around what you do with your money. A great sense of pride can be framed in how you state how you use your gifts. “The gifts I have received have been transformed into a car for my work and life, gifts for people I love and art to share with others.” Stating this in the positive versus saying, “I am not sure where my money went this month”, gives you more power with how you have used your prosperity to do good in the world. 

Work to reframe any negative learnings you have around money from your parents or upbringing or have made up about your relationship with money. All of us have inherited some of the language of our family around money and examining these words, emotions and repositioning them is critical. As well, we have decided certain things about ourselves that we state as reality when, in fact, they may be internal fears that keep us from truly having all that we need and want in life. If we were told “you are not good with numbers” or “you will never amount to anything”, then this is what we will believe of ourselves until we decide to have a new affirmation and release these worn out ‘stands’ about ourselves. If our parents agreed that living financially day to day was OK for them, we get to decide if this is OK for our emotional psyche. If we think that people ‘blow’ money versus buy valuable things and celebrate life, then how would we ever have a great vacation? Taking the time to really look at these stands and reposition them with positive affirmations is important work to truly understand and live a prosperous life.