Resources for Change

We know that women are key assets in building their communities and creating new pathways to a more just and sustainable world.  Investing to improve the lives of girls and women is a powerful catalyst for positive social change.  When women become economic agents and leaders, social change accelerates and returns multiply. Investing in women is a stabilizing force and actually increases the GDP of a country. Other ways to get involved can be supporting and participating in the large ecosystem of networks and organizations that engage investors, the business community and leaders in philanthropy and social justice.  See the list we have compiled of organizations for you to tap into to be informed, inspired and to mobilize for change in our world. 


Philanthropic Resources

Organizations Working to Increase the Number of Women on Boards and Elected Office

Nonprofits Increasing Female Entrepreneurs’ Access to Venture Capital

Investing Networks and Funds

Impact Investing Resources and Gatherings

Consumer and Corporate Activism

Feminist Reading and Resources

Publicly Available Investing Products

  • PAX World Management- Global Women’s Index Fund – Inst’l (PXWIX) Retail (PXWIEX)
  • Glenmede- Women’s Leadership Fund (GWILX)
  • BMO - Bank of Montreal Women in Leadership Fund (BMOWLDN:CN)
  • State Street Global Advisor- Gender Diversity Index ETF (SHE)
  • Barclay’s- Women in Leadership ETN (WIL)